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TGS Global

Innovation finds a home. Striking design, innovative features, trend-setting ergonomics: The driver’s cabs demonstrate a new dimension of functionality and effective- ness. Their elegant exterior contouring is particularly aerodynamic, the intelli- gent interior layout and selected materials generate a unique premium feeling with sophisticated electronic systems ensuring safety and comfort. These driver’s cabs know only one yardstick: the driver. Convenient access, ideal for regional and local distribution transport. LX cab. L cab. L cab. A workplace with living comfort. Ideal, especially for tanker/silo trucks, timber, building materials and refriger- ated transport. Low overall vehicle height, low weight for high payload. With comfortable bunk bed and versatile stowage compartments. With bunk bed or multi-function stow- age compartments. 2 280 mm long, 2 240 mm wide. LX cab. Prepared for all tasks. Low driver’s cab weight for high payload. Fitted with comfortable bunk bed, second bunk or multi-function stowage com- partment. Generous stowage space, standing height in front of co-driver’s seat. 2 280 mm long, 2 240 mm wide. 15 Cabs age compartments. 2280 mm long, 2240 mm wide. seat. 2280 mm long, 2240 mm wide.

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