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TGS Global

LED parking light. Headlight with free form reflector Lane-Guard-System LGS. The electronic lane guard continuously surveys the road surface ahead. An acoustic warning sounds should the driver deviate from his present traffic lane without activating the indicators. The appropriate left or right speaker will sound a rumble strip noise which immediately alerts the driver of lane deviation. By increasing the awareness of the driver to staying in his lane, LGS prevents many dangerous situations. Adaptive Cruise Control ACC. Automatic distance control measures the distance to the vehicle ahead and the difference in speed in order to then control the distance by electronic actuation of the brake and/or throttle. ACC operates at speeds above 25 km/h. The system relieves and relaxes the driver by smoothly integrating the vehicle into the flow of the traffic. MAN BrakeMatic®. The most important distance is the breaking distance. To spare you unpleasant surprises, the MAN BrakeMatic® with the EBS electronic braking system including ABS and ASR will shorten your breaking distance. Regulation of the coupling force for optimal coordination of the trailer or semitrailer brakes ensures perfectly coordinated pulling force, shorter breaking distances and harmonised brake pad wear across the entire train, ensuring extremely long brake pad service life. See and be seen. The MAN TGS headlight concept is a true highlight. Free form reflectors and H7 lamps with a particularly long service life ensure wide illumination of the lane. The clue: fog and auxiliary headlights are bundled in one enclosure. The static turning lights automatically switch on when the indicator is activated at speeds up to 30 km/h. Safety is further enhanced through daytime running lights, the maneuvering light in the co-driver access space and the LED parking and side marker lights. 31 Assistance and security systems

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