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TGS Global

Our goal is that you may reach your goal. MAN offers you more in all respects. More power, more performance, more support and more service. This includes comprehensive solutions for vehicle fleets and transport. But we are also way ahead in terms of maintenance and repairs. And, last but not least, we major in quality. Take the road to high performance. 33 Services MAN ProfiDrive® - definitely more economical. How to get more optimum performance out of your MAN TGS? MAN ProfiDrive® will show you. The detailed driver instructions covering all the functionalities and operating facilities of the truck are at the core of maximum safety and economic operation. Individual support of the driver by a trainer in the course of a joint trip is particularly effective. In this way the driver will receive specific instructions on operation of the vehicle and equipment in his field of application and no down-time costs arise. Safely driving more economically is the motto of MAN ProfiDrive training. Fuel-saving is the primary objective of the Economy training. Safety training focuses on how to confidently keep the vehicle under control in critical situations. Quality made by MAN. We accept only one standard when developing and manufacturing our products: The highest. This is why the MAN quality management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 in all factories. MAN is also the first German vehicle manufacturer to comply with the deman- ding VDA 6.1 standard.

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