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Whenever you are on the road with a special load, you will always think: It's great that it's an MAN. Because our tractor units are exactly what you require. In addition to the numerous ex-works customisations for special load transportation and countless, selectable options, the MAN Euro 6 four-axle vehicle also offers a new driveline. The torquey new MAN D38 six-cylinder engine develops the power you need for reliable performance. The standard torque converter clutch ensures safe, comfortable and almost wear-free driving as well as enabling exceptionally, precise parking manoeuvres. In normal driving operations, the torque converter clutch is overridden so that special loads can be more efficiently transported. The combination of TurboEVBec® and retarder delivers efficient and effective brake output. Turbo- EVBec® operates in response to the engine speed, while the power of the retarder is dependent on the vehicle speed. As such, the ideal permanent brake is available for all speed ranges. The inter- action of the two systems is controlled automatically, without driver intervention. The combination of these systems provides impressive braking power of up to 900 kW over a very wide range of applications. Our new four-axle units are available in two power ranges with 427 kW (580 hp) as well as 471 kW (640 hp) and three weight classifications up to 250 tonnes. The cab can be selected as variants XL, XLX, XXL. The driven, tandem-axle assembly can be provided as a leaf and/or air-sprung variant. New is operation as a ballast vehicle with an airsprung, rear axle. The vehicles are available ex works as left-hand and/or right-hand drive. Our flagship. 5 Euro 6 heavy-duty tractors Performance and weight classifications Type Suspension Torque Additional cooling Gross train weight up to 41.580 8x4 BB / BL 2900 Nm* – 120 t 41.580 8x4 BB / BL 2900 Nm* Yes 210 t 41.640 8x4 BB / BL 3000 Nm* Yes 250 t * The torque converter clutch increases the torque by a factor of 1.58. ➜ Heavy-load equipment ex works: n Generator unit behind the driver´s cab with additional radiator, fuel tank, oil tank and compressed-air tanks n Drawbar coupling at the front in combination with a steel bumper and bodywork panel n Double, strengthened final cross member for standard and heavy load coupling in normal and lowered installation position n Fifth-wheel coupling with sliding device n Transmission-independent, three-stage hydraulic unit for heavy-duty transport, with a connection to the final cross member and to the drawbar coupling n Support plate for the gooseneck n Spotlight on the generator support frame, detachable n Revolving beacons n Access ladder to the working platform n Additional brake connection at the front and rear, additional trailer socket and ABS connection at the rear n High-power compressed-air system

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